Oh, was an entire blog about me not enough? Well, then,

My name is Dale Kerrigan Betsy, and this is my story. I live in Munich, Germany, a beautiful city populated by sensible people wearing weatherproof shoes. It’s a good place to live, unless you’re sarcasm.
The characters are:

Me: part-time housewife with a Feminist Studies background. Ha!

Tobias: German Engineer, husband, father, wearer of super spiffy shoes.

Frida: daughter, 9, with a promising career in biathlon if the biathlon is skateboarding/violin.

Max: son, 8, likes bananas and snuggles. Max has a genetic condition called CFC Syndrome. Don’t get it, it sucks. Good news, though, it’s not contagious! We’re worried that he might die any minute thanks to an electrical problem with his heart, and we’re trying to really live in the meantime.

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  1. Sitting here with Simon’s colleagues from stuttgart, Claudia and Henning – they told me if your website so now I will follow you!

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