After a quickie minor surgery this morning, I had a couple of requests for my caretaker: a few funny, cleverly scripted romcoms in English – my hint was ‘exactly like The Princess Bride, but that I haven’t seen before’ – and some Gatorade. I knew that the first request was unlikely to be fulfilled on a Monday morning in Hamburg, but I thought that the second would be an easy win. What, you ask, did the German bring back from the Gatorade store?

Strawberry-flavored kombucha.

Because when you want the rehydrating properties of a sports drink in a soothingly familiar flavor and color, any old fermented tea will do.


…and now I want some saltines. Damn it. In his defense, the German made a nourishing, refreshing watermelon/milk smoothie that was better than Gatorade, anyway.

Guess what the nurse offers you when you wake up from surgery? Coffee! On a pretty little tray with milk and a few fancy cookies! Odd, no?

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