There is little more charming than arriving at a restaurant and hearing your recent spate of dog-walking described as a ‘run’. After this strong start, the server with the kicky hair described the cabbage-and-tomatoe side special in a way that made it seem, well, special. We began with a very smooth hummus, which was B’s favorite, and the Bud’s salad. The salad had roasted golden beets which were absolutely delicious – sweet and buttery – with a vinegar dressing, red onions, garbanzos and nuts. The lettuce in the salad was exactly what green spring lettuce should be: crispy without being crunchy, and flavorful but not at all bitter. The trend of veggies-as-simply-delicious-food continued with a turnip and carrot saute, where the turnips were sweet and buttery. Lest you think that Somnio’s has taken the Threadgill’s approach to vegetables, let me clarify that by sweet and buttery I mean ‘tasted sweet and had a delicious creamy consistency’, rather than ‘were drowned in milkfat and corn syrup and crowned with marshamellows’. The tomato and fennel soup, the cabbage, the hummus starter, the vermicelli bowl and all the rest of it was simply real, delicious, fresh food that stood on its own. Between the pre-dinner ‘run’, the peaceful dining room, the friendly service, and the cared-for, veggie-heavy food, we were feeling damn good when we left.

Eat there!

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