Squash with Sage

You know how every once in a while you eat something that you made and think, ‘Boy oh golly gee, that was better than I thought it was going to be’? This is one of those:
2 cups of roasted winter squash (I used the orange ones that look like pumpkins but brighter and squatter- Kochiba? Kobucha?)
2 pats of butter (a pat is 1/16th the size of a love handle – you be the judge)
1 Tbs chopped fresh garlic
1 tsp chopped sage (mine was accidentally kind of freeze dried, so not fresh and not dried, but I threw in more than I thought was wise and it could have used more. I trust your judgement, especially if you’re not making this as a main course.)
salt and pepper
parmesan (grated using the big grater if poss)
Roast the squash at 200 degrees C (whatever that means minus 32 and times something and adding in the convection oven factor – maybe 400F?) and scoop out the flesh, then mix it with the other ingredients. You can serve as is, or throw it under the broiler with some parmesan on top.
Something about the fresh garlic and the sage and the parmesan made this taste like it was the product of careful study and tremendous effort. The leftovers were good, too!

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