Warning: Gross

If you know me at all, you probably know that my favorite word in German is fleisch. It means flesh, or meat, but it isn’t really a word: it’s used in conjunction with other words, to wit:
Fleischsalat – the lighter of the fleisch options, this one is mixed with mayo and is therefore a salad.
Fleischkase – the word for meat and the word for cheese (kase). I think that this is a very soft bologna, which means that it has a taste but no smell besides a soft rubbery pink smell.
Hackfleisch – this one is more about sound. Hackfleisch. It’s the word for ground fleisch, and it makes way more sense than its English counterpart, ground: Is it part of the floor? Does the meat safely stow an electrical charge? Does the Pope kiss it when he alights in a foreign land? No? Then why the ground beef? It’s hacked into pieces, so it’s hackfleisch.

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