I would like to take a moment to give thanks for the grocery within reasonable walking distance from the flat that carries things like lasagna noodles AND bio-milk AND yeast packets AND cottage cheese.
I would especially like to thank the grocery for carrying the frozen ducks, fresh cranberries, and whole pumpkins with which I will approximate a traditional Thanksgiving meal. As with the recent Halloween, I revel in the liberties that I can take in redefining American holidays to those unfamiliar with them:
-Halloween is when we giggingly watch America’s Next Top Model with our sister while the kids and men are off Trick or Treating,
-Veteran’s Day is when we explain who Martin Luther King was, why he should have an official holiday, and why the 59% of American government spending on war would be much better spent on social justice work,
-Thanksgiving is when we roast our favorite lavender-honey duck because we’re not tremendous fans of turkey and we always get the gravy wrong, anyway.

I’m trying and trying to wait until after Thanksgiving to start making Christmas cookies, but I am here in the apartment with a fresh pound of butter, with the cozy-making properties of tea beginning to wear off after the fifth cup, and it just started snowing… it’s a lost cause. Bring on the cinnamon!

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