Butter, Part II

Tobias makes ridiculously good scrambled eggs. They are flavorful, buttery, and often contain bits of bacon, onion, or the tiny sweet shrimp from the North Sea. They are rich enough that they should be treated as a condiment rather than a main course. This morning, I didn’t watch him make them because I was trying to brush 18 hours of flying and a nine-hour time difference from my teeth. (It worked, but I think my tongue is going to need a Lysol bath before it feels clean again.) I didn’t see how much butter he put in the eggs; today’s game is called ‘How Much Butter Does a Butter Lover Use to Better Basic Breakfast Eggs?
I have assembled the following evidence to guide your guess:
• The cook butters his bread in a layer thick enough to suggest that he is in training for the Iditerod*,
• This approach to buttering baked goods includes croissant. He smears butter on croissant.
• He went to the grocery yesterday, and by the end of breakfast the butter is almost gone.
• After I finished my delectable eggs, it took two bread rolls to soak up the suspicious yellow pool on my plate.
Your options are:
a.) 150 grams
b.) Enough to make snorting gravy look like a healthy option
c.) So much that I should eat nothing but air and sparkling water at every other meal
d.) All of the above

*as a dog. Apparently sled dogs use 12,000 calories per day during the Iditerod!

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