That’s What She Said

The breakfast ordered by the German in the diner in Aztec, New Mexico:
Bob’s Big Breakfast
-four eggs
-four pieces of bacon or sausage
-hash browns, approximately one mountain
-full order of biscuits and gravy (including three biscuits, more than a pint of sausage gravy, and 6 packets of butter substitute.)

His comment:
‘I didn’t think that it would be so big’.

Today’s Game – Hit That Softball Out of the Park
There are so many possible things to say after a comment like that. Here are a few examples:

-As the country with the highest per-capita health spending in the world, how did YOU think we were supressing our life expectancy to the lowest of any developed nation? Cheerios?
-Wait until you see the lunch special. It’s a cheese and bacon sandwich with fried chicken in place of a bun!
-(singing) Heart attack! Heart Attack Man!
-If you get sick in the car, you’re cleaning it up.

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