Jesus Food

Add risotto to cioppino. Stir together. Now add them to the list of delicious food that I will never again make at home because Vespaio has shown me, time after time, that I am simply not worthy of calling my food the same thing as theirs.
To wit:

Vespaio’s risotto is tender and creamy, with enough excellent cheese and truffle oil that it smooths into the back of your mouth in an embarrassingly personal way.

Mine is gummy, with too much salt and butterfat to be anything but a treat food and not enough flavor to warrant more than a few bites. Believe me, adding peas does not save the day.

Vespaio’s ciopinno is a fruity, rich, green-and-deep-red-tasting cloud with firm, tender mouthfuls of spanking-fresh mussels, tuna, prawns and flounder.

Mine is fish stew.

Who needs rice and fish at home anyway? Surely that’s why god invented restaurants?

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