Things I am Wrong About, Part XIV

-Pear Sorbet (it’s not good, it’s just sweet. At best, it tastes like pear lip gloss.)
-The wine in Paonia, CO – I was skeptical, but it’s actually delicious (although when I ordered a glass of Riesling, the server brought me a glass of… Merlot. No joke. Apparently the weed in Paonia is quite good, too.)
-Adding nutmeg to roasted cauliflower to cover up the taste of an overload of smoked paprika. (Blecch. It tasted like sludge from the factory that converts Christmas trees to cheap plywood.)
-Obama. Ha! Just kidding! I was right about Obama – he makes unicorns* smile.
-I was not the last one to wear the submersion/spy suit:

Technically, this could still be spy-related...

Technically, this could still be spy-related...

*and by ‘unicorns’, of course I mean ‘the uninsured’.

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