Freezer + Time = Frozen?

The word for freezer in Spanish is congelador, which sounds appropriate only for savory foods.
I’ve been staring down a ripe mango for the last three days, and I think it’s finally starting to shy. It’s brethren, beaten into an ice cream so delicious that I was happy to eat it with rice, beat me: I had to ask the supremely capable woman-owner at Thai Fresh for the magic ingredient. She said that the ice cream was made of:
coconut milk
lime juice
and some trepidation: she said that it was hard to get the proportions right so that the ice cream would freeze smoothly without being too sweet.
I am such a huge fan of the fresh Thai lady that I didn’t want to ask for her exact proportions (knowing that I would probably publish them here while I crowed about making the best ice cream ever.)
Fast forward to present, and I’m hopelessly intimidated by the prospect of freezer failure to the point that I’m staring at a slowly rotting mango and it makes me feel like I’m winning.

Wait, wait just a minute. I don’t like cold headaches, and I DO like lassis of any variety. Especially mango. Time to throw some fruit and fat in the blender! I’m going to put some in the congealator (hopefully) and some in a glass.

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