OMG! Collarbones!

Things that are not fattening:
-being too lazy to walk down five flights of stairs to get groceries
-asking for the menu, being asked ‘Klein oder grosse?’, saying, ‘Um…klein?’ (and thinking, what the hell, they have small and large menus here? I didn’t know that! Oh, wait, maybe she misunderstood…), and being brought a small glass of wine instead that you clearly won’t drink because it’s 10 am on a workday.
-self-banishment from the downstairs restaurant because not only do they think you’re a wino, they think you’re a conflicted wino because you ordered a glass of wine at 10 am and then left it full on the table.
-meusli, apparently, because it’s what I’m left with and I’m shrinking down to a nub.
Thank God it’s the weekend! T and I are going to eat and eat and eat, and then we’re going to have ice cream.

On the off-off chance that this will totally impress you, I would like to point out that I brought Tobias a selection of tasty, attractively packaged food substitute product bars from the U.S. [because a) I thought that it would be funny, what with his love for meusli, to addict him to high fructose corn syrup, and b) the man is whippet-thin, and I think that part of the reason is that he forgets to eat during the day] and I have yet to crack into his new stash of Tiger’s Milk, Mojo, or Clif bars. I guess I’m really not that hungry.

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