Worth It

You know how sometimes you hear a rap song and suddenly you get the feeling that you’re really cool? Like you should be in slow motion, wearing huge sunglasses, and nodding knowlingly in time to the music, even though you’re in your car on the way to the grocery and people can totally see you. I had an experience lately that is the oh-my-God-I’m-a-selfish-bitch! crappy equivalent of that good rap feeling: I made my taxi driver wait on the curb while I ate delicious noodles on a ride between LaGuardia and Newark ariports.
Here’s why I’m that kind of asshole:
-I had the time: a 9-hour layover.
-the noodles were made right there! The restaurant was a hole in the wall with three tables and a marble slab. The noodle-maker cut off a hunk of dough, slapped it for awhile on the slab, rolled it into a rope, and then pulled it, laced it through his fingers, pulled it some more, and viola! It was noodles! He cut them off, dropped them into a bowl of soup, and brought it to my table. Was I impressed? I could barely close my mouth enough to chew. He was so smooth, so expert, that I’m still wondering how it feels to be that good at something. Cool.
-it was in Chinatown, which is kind of on the way.
-it was totally the taxi driver’s idea. We were talking about how hungry I was (‘we’, obviously, in the looser sense of the word,) and he mentioned his favorite noodle place. I asked what the name was, he said there wasn’t one, I said oh, that sounds just perfect, and he said I think you’ll like it if you have time. Sold.

I don’t think that it’s possible, even in the face of being that person who makes her driver circle the block while she has one more dumpling, to ignore the nameless restaurant recommendation of ones cab driver.
As a palate cleanser, and to regain some measure of respect in your eyes, may I recommend Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’.

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