As it turns out, I love Wynonna Judd. I don’t know if I always have and just forgot, or if I fell in love with her when she said, after singing a Merle Haggard song containing the line, ‘freedom ain’t free’ at the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival and receiving a mildly enthusiastic response, “Oh, come ON, people, I just said the words ‘flag’ and ‘America’! That’s all you’ve got?” Then she laughed and went on to some great bluesy number that her mom would just hate.

George ate seven ears of corn at the festival, I ate five, and we never even broke into the butter/salt tables because the corn was delicious by itself. It goes through a gas-powered roaster unshucked and comes out perfectly: steaming hot, a little nutty from the burnt silks, and tender but with kernels that burst when you bite them.

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