Joy, Jokes

As the kids go to sleep I tell them stories designed to be relaxing, and by relaxing I mean boring. Sometimes it’s a quick story about an outdoor family adventure followed by the family eating warm soup, lying down by the fire, letting their heads sink into their pillows, feeling their shoulders getting heavy and relaxed, noticing their foreheads growing smooth, feeling their calves and their ankles growing still, their jaws loosening, their breathing getting slower and deeper, etc. It’s hard for me to stay awake during these stories. Other times, I just drone on about the day’s minutia and tomorrow’s weather. It was during one of these stories that I murmured, “I love you, Frida,” to a kid who was almost asleep, and she, in a terrifically bored, inattentive voice, said, “Good.”

“I love you, Frida.”


We thought it was hilarious. Now, weeks later, about a third of the time that I tell Max I love him, he will drop his eyes to half-mast, slacken his cheeks, drone, “Good,” and then start cackling.

Family in-jokes make my heart sing.


Dear parents of new babies,

It will get better. And then it will get great.

Love, Betsy




2 thoughts on “Joy, Jokes

  1. haha! Love it! It’s so true. Cypress has been charming us lately with his loyalties to our family teams. When he’s with me, it’s Team Brown (Bryn and the baby have blue eyes). When he’s with Bryn, it’s Team Boy. Occasionally he’ll have a burst of family togetherness and declare that he wishes Clementine and a I were male so we could join him on Team Boy. =) I’ve tried to pitch the idea of our whole family being Team Scott-O’Brien, but that just doesn’t have enough flair for him, I guess.

    As for crying while getting dressed–oh yes! I sometimes think Cypress wakes up with a renewed bag of “no”, ready to resist even the finest offerings. Here’s to FIVE! More goofy fun ahead!

  2. Hi Betsy,

    A belated welcome back to Hamburg!

    As I am an appreciative audience for the constant stream of occasionally hilarious sarcasm pouring out of your brain, please drop me a line or give me a call sometime to catch up! 🙂

    Best wishes from the Rutschbahn,

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