Good Point

Frida : The world is my what?

Me : Oyster.

Frida : No, thanks.


I am a novice face/arm painter but there’s nothing like carefully following the instructions on a YouTube video to make you wonder if you have some natural talent.


Warning: Not To Scale















Hint: the secret to dramatic spider shadows? Black eyeshadow and not wondering which direction the light is coming from.

Based on the reaction I’ve gotten so far here in Hamburg, I will not be repeating this on my face as planned. Reactions range from disdainfully raised eyebrows (husband), to quietly ignoring it (friend), to saying “Wow” several times and then asking when I will wash it off (Frida). Max, for some reason, looked at it worriedly and then asked for a cupcake.

2 thoughts on “Good Point

  1. I, for one, am impressed!! I thought it was real! Or at least, 3-D. Like a toy or something.

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