Freezer Failures

In preparation for the move, I’m working my way through the freezer. I am, apparently, not one to throw away a chicken carcass. When I buy fish at the market the fishmonger (with whom I have been doing twice-weekly business for two years) asks proudly, “You will keep the head, yes?” He thinks I go home and turn those heads into fish risotto, something that he once described to me as “kids’ favorite!” I think of myself as someone who does this, who willingly embarks on experimental, nutritious cooking projects to broaden the palates of my two little fish eaters, but my freezer tells me that actually I just go home and throw the fish heads in the freezer with the other fish heads and then I make something they might actually eat.

Let’s Play….

Cultural Difference, Gross Food Edition

how to play: read through the list below, and decide which items are delicious and which are disgusting. Then ask yourself how anyone eats any of it. 

  • Fish Risotto (if you’re a kid)
  • Fish Risotto (if you’re an adult at a nice restaurant with white cloth napkins and a good white wine)
  • Fish Sticks – the best are the ones that bear absolutely no resemblance to fish in look, taste, or smell
  • Balut – fertilized duck or chicken eggs
  • Scrambled Eggs (after watching the Balut video in the link above.)
  • Coca Cola (after hearing that story about how tooth left in the cup of Coca Cola totally dissolved in like two weeks)
  • Bourbon (if you’ve ever had too much bourbon)
  • Egg McMuffins (anytime other than the morning after you’ve had too much bourbon)
  • Rotten milk, so rotten it is hard (some people call this ‘cheese’)
  • Raw, chopped pork mixed with onions. For breakfast! Ah, Germany, you are a strong sort.
  • Lamb, goat, pork, and beef

What did you come up with? Is everything delicious, or just some things, and does it depend on what you got used to eating when you were a kid? It did, right? So if I’m trying to raise culturally diverse citizens of the world rather than just picky little polyglots, I should start making some fish risotto.

The balut ship has sailed, though. Them’s nasty.




One thought on “Freezer Failures

  1. Challenge accepted. I shall try making fish risotto as well. I think at least 1 of mine would eat it. George is a lost cause.

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