Life is Good

Things we’ll miss about Italy:

  • older men in elegant hats who make sweet faces at Max
  • fragrant flowering trees and bushes
  • never feeling overdressed
  • eating sweet treats for breakfast like it’s no big deal
  • people wearing flattering clothes
  • mothballs that smell good

Things we’re looking forward to about moving back to Germany:

  • good dark bread
  • organic everything
  • excellent air quality
  • reliable, convenient, high-quality healthcare
  • people wearing clothes geared for comfort in any weather

Things that are not on either list:

  • conversing fluently with the children’s doctors, teachers, and friend’s parents
  • an appreciative audience for the constant stream of occasionally hilarious sarcasm pouring out of my brain

The nice thing about operating at suboptimal fluency, though, is that I can still pretend that people will start laughing at my jokes just as soon as my vocabulary extends to pun-friendly levels.

Ps. if you usually get a holiday present from me, now’s probably a good time to tell me if you don’t want it to be mothballs.


One thought on “Life is Good

  1. Thankfully you have a captive audience who will read your sarcasm until you can verbalize it for the correct country. 😉

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