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Spring has sprung, and the locals here in the greater Milan area are bringing out the shoulder-season wardrobe in force. Today is an absolutely run-of-the-mill Thursday; here’s what to wear to run errands in a Northern Italian suburb if you’re:

  • a 50-ish year old woman – smooth, puffy Jackie O hair, large horn rim spectacles, and a 3/4 length Sherlock Holmes cape. The kind with leather-lined slits for where your wrists should go.
  • a 25-ish year old man – very greased up hair, preferably longish on top but shaved on the sides, well-groomed eyebrows (duh it’s Italy,) a nicely tailored cotton single-button jacket with the sleeves rolled up, and gold glitter leopard print loafers.
  • 18-month-old boy/girl twins – matching sheer pink linen scarves.

There was no doubt about any of these people pulling off or not pulling it off. They were flawless, all of them. Those little babies in their enormous stroller were killing it, where ‘it’ is my ability to pretend that I can just throw a raincoat over my yoga pants and call it an outfit.

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