I Miss Cousin Jim

Yesterday, I told my husband Tobias (father of my children, life mate, etc.) that I missed my family. A bit tactless, really, given that my children were sitting in the backseat at the time. What I meant was that I missed my mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, etc., and most of all I miss their puns. Imagine my delight, then, at this:

Frida: Wow, my smoothie cup is full!

Betsy: Yeah, I filled it to the max!

Frida: Max?

Betsy: Not Max like your brother, max like maximum. Ha! That’s funny.

Frida: (thinking)

Frida: You filled it to the FRIDIMUM.


Oh, yes, my little nerdlet is growing her nerdwings and I am so proud I find myself cooing.

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