Hamburg, Things I Love About

The apartment has the kind of high ceilings and plaster molding and all-around dignity that it makes me feel smarter than I really am, and waaay better read. More well-read? See what I mean? Whatever.
The apartment is on the fifth floor, and doesn’t have an elevator*, which makes me feel virtuous and healthy. Except when some poor schmuck has to deliver the dryer. Ah, well, tradeoffs.
The first floor of the apartment is divided into two retail spaces. One is a cool restaurant/bar that has good quiche, coffee and cakes, the other is a fruit and vegetable store that has amazingly tasty strawberries right now, and stocks fresh herbs and house-made cheese spreads. Lest you get the wrong idea about the neighborhood, let me assure you that you can buy lottery tickets, titty mags, generic cigarettes, and I’m pretty sure heroin at the ‘fruit and vegetable’ store as well.
We live on the corner, and you can go left down the street for half a block to get to the cheese shop, or right down the block to get to the good hostel that has Bio-Wurst. On your way, you’ll pass a ton of little cafes, restaurants, arthouses, and boutiques. Retail space is pretty tight here, so most places have some specialty. My favorite is the soup shop (delicious) across the street from the meusli shop.
There’s a park where people don’t look too far askance when you go for a jog, and public transportation is immediately available.
A great restaurant, NIL, which gives cooking classes, is a 10-minute walk away, so that’s awesome.
My favorite thing is that there is a very active street scene here, with buskers playing accordions and buskers singing Bob Marley songs (not the same buskers,) and tables on the sidewalks. It is world cup season (hurrah!,) and I counted, I’m not kidding, 52 TVs when I walked around the block this afternoon. TVs in the window of the fish store, the hipster shoe store, even the bank! Germany is playing tonight, and folks are ready! I can’t wait to get out into the mix of Germans watching German fussbol, knowing that I’m only five flights from an available restroom.

*although I’m sure it will by the time that you come visit. Definitely.

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