The Laundry Basket

Our apartment has a somewhat odd layout, with access to the bathroom through the kitchen, a laundry closet where a pantry should be, and nearly every door facing the tiny entrance hallway so that anywhere in the apartment is only a few steps from anywhere else. There’s also a pixie-sized water closet which is essential to our daily logistics what with nearly 4/5ths of the apartment’s population potty trained, but which is superfluous to today’s game. Let’s play…

First Person Puker

how to play: read through the list below and identify which item or items Max puked on or in, today alone.

  • my house slippers (on AND in)
  • up my sleeve
  • in his own ear
  • into some spiced tea I was making
  • all over the vegetable brush
  • onto a basket of clean laundry
Answer, of course: all of them. Ok, so we had some puking, right? No biggie, but here’s the thing: Max isn’t exactly mobile, and he hit each of the above targets in quick succession during one epic puking episode. This means that there was a person, armed with a puking Max, running through the apartment ostensibly towards the bathroom but conveniently hitting all of the high-scoring puke receptacles on their way. I think that this person (Tobias) was going for a personal best, I think they were trying to beat their previous high score. Know this, Tobias, I will beat you, even if I have to hold Max over the open silverware drawer next time he gets gaggy. Game on.



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