Everything But The…

You know how some turns of phrase are incredibly melodramatic? Every time I hear the phrase ‘I can’t live without X’, where X=’you’ or ‘chocolate’ or ‘seeing Avatar in 3-D again’ or some other inanity, I think that someone needs to pay better attention to little things like gravity, oxygen, and sleep.
Moving into the Hamburg flat makes me appreciate the continuum between things that we really cannot literally live without (i.e. shelter from the elements,) and things that make our lives so incredibly easy/blissful/delicious that life without them seems like death. With that in mind, let’s play today’s game:
I Just Can’t Live Without Chew(ing)
Guess the order in which the following kitchen items were made ready and available for household use. Author’s flat-mate’s order at bottom:
• Espresso machine
• Commercial-grade juicer
• Fridge
• Dining table and chairs
• Towel racks
• Water boiler for tea
• German version of Marmite, super-size container of Nutella
• 5 kinds of hot sauce
• Kitchen sink

Answer: What’s currently unpacked and in daily use? Everything but the kitchen sink! It, along with the counters, cabinets, oven hood and oven, will be delivered and installed on Friday. By then, I should have learned enough German to call the plumber to come fix the drainage problem in the bathroom. I think there’s something about the coffee grounds I’ve been pouring into the bathtub that interfere with drainage…
p.s. if you answered espresso machine/demitasse spoons/coffee grinder to win/place/show in the kitchen race, congratulations, you’ve won the trifecta! Payout = Ein espresso. Drop by anytime for coffee!

pps. As I type this, I can hear the Portugal fans cheering on the street below. I love the World Cup more than I love ovens.

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