One Step Forward, One Step Ack! I Fell Down

Let’s begin with the accomplishments: not only did I leave the house yesterday with both children, I also enjoyed some social time with a good friend, lunch with my husband, and a jog in the sunshine. This means that I soundly met the day’s goal of not killing myself or my children, right? Not so fast. Not only did I leave the house without the keys required for re-entry, I also left the house wearing jogging gear. This meant that I was warm enough while jogging, but not warm enough while not jogging, which means that the 20th anniversary edition of the movie Speed can now claim to be ‘based on a true story’. The story of me wearing sneakers, a sweaty hat and and a stinky jogging fleece to the business-suited island where Tobias works. The story of how my either-of-us-could-be-the-breadwinner-we’re-both-very-capable-people-it-was-just-the-breastfeeding-issue-that-meant-that-he’s-working-instead-of-me credibility took one in the chops when the apartment door clicked shut behind silly little old keyless me. The story of the kids really enjoying their stroller ride for the first hour; not so much enjoying the fourth-fifth hours. The story of how mean old German ladies are actually quite nice when both of your kids are crying piteously on the bus ride home. (Note: they are nice to the children, with an overt what-has-your-stupid-mother-done-to-you vibe.)


Today was a day that featured a well-deserved and thoroughly enjoyed three-Rosenbaum mid-morning nap. ‘Nuff said.


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