Why Chewing Matters

In honor of Heather’s wedding last weekend, and Amanda’s upcoming wedding next weekend:

Something Old, Something New

Enno Teaches Frida Crucial Social Skills

Something Borrowed, Something Ew

From the book What To Expect® The First Year, by Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, and Sandee Hathaway, B.S.N., on what NOT to feed your baby:

“Raw fish, such as in sushi. Young children don’t chew well enough to destroy the parasites that might dewll therein.”



In other wedding news, Tobias and I celebrated our one-year anniversary last week. When we got married last year, we had a great little weekend in France including a spectacular dinner featuring my first-ever sampling of pigeon. Wood pigeon, that is. What a lovely coincidence it was this weekend, still in anniversary season, when he spied two wood pigeons in the discounted meat section of the fancy pants grocery store! (And a good thing that they were discounted, because they still had feet and unplucked heads. Although I give in to more than a few extravagances when it comes to groceries, full-priced pigeon heads will never be ok with me.) Tobias cooked the pigeons last night, stuffed with a combination of bread crumbs, parsley, and goose fat, and they were tremendously good. Their meat is dark, darker than goose, darker than elk, darker than emu; the darkest, richest meat I’ve had outside of liver or heart. The serving size is laughably small at first: a few bites of breast on each side, and a mouthful or two of leg meat, but it’s so rich that those few ounces are plenty.

Like applying toenail polish or getting a little first-of-the-summer sunburn, eating wood pigeon will be put into annual, and no more than annual, rotation.


Heather and Bryn, Amanda and Ian, here’s to your happiness now and in the future, and many happy returns. Congratulations!






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