The Good Fat

During a lovely catch-up phone session with Sarah, she requested that I write here about my love for butter. Although I do love butter, when I peel the paper off of a fresh stick I tend to think, not of my fondness for Sarah, with whom I have sacrificed many a pound of butter, but rather of how badly I need to send all of my tank tops, bikinis and short shorts to Goodwill. So, rather than celebrate that which has consigned my upper arms to, at the very least, cap sleeves, I will post a recipe for Sarah’s special salad dressing.
Mince one clove of garlic very finely*, place in a jar with a teaspoon or so of sugar and a big pinch of salt. Add enough good balsamic vinegar to make you try to remember how much you paid for the entire bottle, and how much of it you’re using now. Add dijon mustard with carefree abandon. Give it a good shake, and add 1/4 cup of olive oil (and if you Rachel Ray watchers automatically think, ‘EVOO, ya know, Extra Virgin Olive Oil!’, try to pry yourselves away from the TV long enough to practice saying either EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil rather than both in succession.)
Mince up any herbs you have on hand, especially basil, and add them to the jar. Now shake it up for a few minutes, and use that time to remember the people that you love, that you’ve eaten many happy meals with, who are far away from you now but who might be really glad to hear from you even if you’ll spend your time on the phone with them poring over the details of your last few meals.

*of course I mean very finely. Wear your Sunday best and a fancy hat! Use excruciatingly correct posture! Keep up the standards in your kitchen! Mince very finely!

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