Bouldin Creek vs. the Broncos

Today I left the house to get some coffee, stretch my legs, eat some lunch, do some work in a new setting, support local business, and increase my chances of running into people I like. I can do all of these at Bouldin Creek Coffehouse, so I went there. Sure as hell, as soon as I walked in I saw Becca-the-awesome deep in a meeting with other community activists, plotting the health and wellness of area teens. Hurrah!
I ordered my excellent coffee along with the best restaurant lunch ever: a spicy mix of red and black beans served over romaine lettuce with tomatoes, onions, pickled jalapenos and shredded cheddar on top, with some surprisingly good vegan cornbread on the side.
Hey, Austin! Thanks for reminding me that I love you, too.

p.s. Colorado, my next post would be about your beautiful mountains, clear air, sunshine and the incredible food produced in Olathe, but you just allowed your football team to draft Tim fucking Tebow. Are you kidding me with that shit, Colorado? No post for you!

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