Other Things That Are Awesome About Germany

One of the movies on the plane over was the Blues Brothers.
I got to go up in a huge windmill. It’s 130 metres tall! It had a series of tiny elevators to take you to the top. Once you got there you could feel the top moving in the wind. The fan/propeller/whatever blades were 50 metres long. The windmill produces enough power for 5,000 German households! It was so, so cool. And huge.
The window casements are really tight here. It makes things feel cozy and is good for reducing energy consumption.
The standard glass window and door setup involves a handle that locks the door when turned down, allows the door or window to open fully (with the hinge at the side) when horizontal, and when rotated upwards allows the door or window to open partially with the hinge at the bottom. Again, so cool.
There are approx seventy billion new cars parked in Bremerhaven awaiting shipment from the commercial harbor here. You know how when you say a word over and over it loses its meaning? When you drive by thousands of them in a row, BMW SUVs start to look like roaches.
It’s refreshing to see so may fit older people. Lots of fogeys are out and about riding bikes! Slowly, yes, but I think that lends a more dignified air.
The money is pretty.
The German word for cell phone is ‘handy’. Oh, it makes me laugh.
When you have a minor health emergency, you call a number and the doctor comes to your house to care for you. When pharmacies close for the night, they post the location and number of area pharmacies that are still open. So very helpful!
People typically remove their shoes inside their houses, but it’s a fairly cold climate. This, along with an overall tendency towards formality, means that people wear formal house slippers. Some are made from dark blue felt, some are like moccasins but darker, there were all kinds. I instead wore socks because on this trip I brought salsa and Mexican hot chocolate instead of slippers, which was fine until I stayed at the home of someone who wore shiny alligator slippers. Luckily, this person had a fine supply of guest slippers.
Which brings me to one of my favorite things (besides the lovely people, delicious food, beautiful scenery, thoughtful planning for social welfare, well-built and architecturally handsome buildings, sense of history, candid-yet-respectful conversation, etc.): a lot of ladies here have pretty big feet, AND they share my taste in shoes! Never before have I seen, borrowed, bought or envied so many pairs of quirky, comfortable size 42s! Germany is shoe heaven!

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