Still Pregnant

The Smidgen has had, and continues to have, ample opportunity to be born on a holiday, but Christmas Day is officially over in Germany and she’s still in there. Here’s what’s keeping her company…

Herr R cooked a 5-kilo goose today, complete with chestnut stuffing, potato dumplings, red cabbage, and two kinds of gravy. One of the gravies (we just don’t get to use that word ‘gravies’ often enough, do we?) was nothing more than the fat rendered from the goose as it cooked, heated to boiling, then spooned over the potato dumplings. Yes, it is delicious. And if I give birth anywhere close to tonight, I will write all up, down and around this internet about how 100% goose fat is gauranteed to bring on labor.
My advertising will be false, though, because my ‘Foods to Bring on Labor’ experiment is not well controlled. Here are other things I’ve eaten in the last 24 hours:
• Literally almost half of that goose. The two of us ate until we were stuffed, took a nap, then cleaned the kitchen. I deboned the goose, and the meat that was left over wasn’t more than two cups’ worth. Out of a 5-kilo goose!
• A tiny mince pie with hard sauce
• An unspecified quantity of a pretty reasonable knockoff of Central Market’s chewy chocolate pecan cookies (the kind that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.)
• Excellent papaya salad and pho for lunch at the Vietnamese place that’s open on Xmas
• Half a pineapple, some kiwis, a grapefruit, an apple, two or three tangerines, and an unripe pear
• An unreasonable number of dried plums as I was searching for the chewy chocolate pecan cookie recipe online (my brain forgot to keep track of my hand and my mouth, and next thing I knew the bag was empty)
• Two servings of pretty good pork green chile stew that was just on this side of too spicy to eat.

I know you’re wondering, so I’ll tell you – no, I don’t have screaming angry diarrhea. And no, I don’t know why. Maybe the plums and the green chile cancel each other out?
Anway, thanks for asking. I’ll keep you posted.

p.s. labor is welcome to begin any time, we’re not in a huge rush, but it is a little disappointing to not be able to use our elaborate flowchart for Backup Plan 2011: Assignment of Responsibilities for the Goose If We Go to the Hospital Before It is Cooked and Eaten.

p.p.s. Thank you all for the lovely messages about Herr R’s father. They are appreciated very much!

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