7 Degrees and Sunny!

Lovely things about Germany in the winter:
• Beautiful, historic Christmas markets with hot drinks, traditional gifts, and lots of good cheer,
• When you are 38 weeks pregnant and riding your bike in the freezing rain, you are not alone! After this week’s pregnancy yoga class let out, a fleet of us trudged through the sleet to our bikes, clambered on and cruised off.
• The word for ‘gums’ in German translates to ‘toothflesh’. Better yet, this applies year-round.
• When it’s sunny out, as it is right now, the populace is overjoyed.

Not so lovely things about Germany in the winter:
• Every single time I say ‘Happy Holidays!’, people look confused and then say, ‘Oh, do you mean Merry Christmas?’ and I have yet to come up with a suitable response besides a somewhat Grinch-y expression and a terse nod.*
• There are waaaay too many opportunities for riding bikes, strolling, or gazing out the window in/on the freezing rain.

Wondering about BabyWatch, 2011? We’re still at the ‘that belly cannot possibly get bigger, so the baby must come soon, right?’ stage, rather than the ‘we’re having reliable signs of impending labor, so the baby will come out soon’ stage.

*Herr R points out that my use of ‘Happy Holidays’ is especially confusing when I am saying it while handing out plates of Christmas cookies. I get it, I get it, but is that adorable snowman with the blue scarf and silver candy buttons not happiest about the chilly nights and near-freezing days that come along with the Winter Solstice? Surely snowmen are pagans at heart.

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