I’ve been driving around Bremerhaven today to get ingredients for tonight’s special Bremerhavian dinner (and, yes, the shopping list includes potatoes. And fish.) Because my driving skills are completely awesome and barely take any attention, I am trying to learn German whilst driving. Because my language-tutorial-acquisition skills are not awesome at all, I am teaching myself German via the medium of German public radio. I’m hoping that I will come out with a beautifully clear, not-too-fruity accent that cannot be tied to a specific region of the country. Hahahaha. In the meantime, I’m trying to listen enough to sort out where words begin and end. Some words are already familiar enough for me to recognize! Words like Deutsch and Obama.
I continued this listening practice in the grocery store, where it is called “eavesdropping”. Imagine my excitement when I heard someone say Brod, the German word for bread, while in the bakery section! Wow, I felt like I was really getting the hang of things! OK, now imagine my excitement when, in the toothpaste aisle, I heard someone very clearly say Fleischsalat. I about fell over. Is there fleshmeatsalad-flavored toothpaste? Or did I happen upon another person who says fleischsalat over and over because it’s so much fun to say? What were those words that surrounded the fleischsalat? …which brings us to today’s game:
The Words Around the FleischSalat
how to play: decide which of the following is the most likely scenario, and then, like me, live the rest of your life not knowing what was actually said.

a.) My meatsalad has a first name, it’s F-L-E-I-isch. My meatsalad has a surname, it’s S-A-L-A-T…

b.) Did you hear about the tourist who died from eating expired fleischsalat? Did they not know that dates are written Day/Month/Year? Did they not understand that this system for writing dates is perfect and that no other way is logical?

c.) Mmmm…fleischsalat. Fleischey McFleischsalat. The Fleischsalatinator. Fleischelsteinerhosen. Saaaaalaaaaaat. Salat. Slt. Saaalaaat. etc.

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