Tengo Ganas

It’s not like it’s a tire around my neck, stooping me over and draining my enthusiasm for the good cheeses and better coffee and interesting sausages in Hamburg. It’s not like a bug buzzing around my ear, spoiling my concentration and slowly driving me mad. It’s just an occasional sharp twinge: I want enchiladas.

Red sauce, green sauce, mole or al nogal. Con carne, chicken, al pastor, or just cheese. At Polvo’s, at Curra’s, at Fonda San Miguel. I want enchiladas.

Countdown to Austin visit: 21 days.

There’s a Petey Pablo song that is (kind of) helping me ease through the enchilada twinges. He says, “Sticky icky come get me. Good God Almighty, hot dogs and chili.” I think that the lyrics reference his extended incarceration and the resultant restraints on freedom to choose from his favorite foods, but it might be a euphamism of another sort. Simpleton that I am, every time I think about it I want a chili cheese dog from Casino El Camino in Austin. Soon!
In the meantime, meine Eltern are coming to visit and I’m SO EXCITED!!!

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