Well, Fuck

First off, how are you? If I don’t know the up-to-the-minute answer, call me! Skype me! I’d love to hear from you.

We’re lucky: we’re fed, we’re safe, we’re well cared for, we’re finding some wonderful entertainment. Much of the world isn’t, and the discrepancies in care and the effect of COVID-19 fallout on people’s lives are both shocking and miserable. Just in case you came here for something more specific about me me me, here’s how I’m doing.

My grandma is dying, and I can’t get to my Mom to give her a hug. I’m not just thousands of miles away, I’m months and months away from being able to safely travel to her and my dad and my brother and my sister. I want to sing and talk story and grieve and celebrate with them. This fucking sucks.

When the schools are open Max will stay home, obviously – COVID-19 may kill him – but what about Frida? She’s a healthy, vibrant, active kid. Do we lock her up for a fucking year? Fucking fuckity goddamn fuck.


LOL, just realised why my neck’s been stiff lately.

Funnily enough, most of the day I’m chipper: listening to lots and lots of music, laughing with the kids, enjoying work, cooking things both fun and delicious, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, texting and talking with old and new friends. It’s just once or twice a day that I feel like a fucking walking cold sore, all raw and stressed, weeping and useless.

Still, times to remember.

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