100 Grams

Things are getting a bit wonky here in the land of the metric system. I’ve been doing a fair amount of measuring lately, and am slowly realizing that my estimations are, at best, loosely grounded. A litre is the same thing as a quart in my world, dry and wet cups are equivalent, oven temperatures in Farenheit and Celcius are always 200 degrees different. When I need 100 grams of something, I refer to the amount of chocolate I can comfortably eat in a sitting. A kilo? Why, a kilo weighs as much as half of an uncooked chicken.
These basics make it a bit tricky to accurately predict the results when baking, so I’m sticking to cheesecakes for now. They, in turn, are sticking to their pans. Maybe it’s the 250 grams of flour? A gram’s the same as a pinch, right? It takes forever to measure 250 pinches, but the alternative is to use one of those finicky little scales. I’m pretty sure that the only people who need that level of accuracy are selling weed by the ounce, so the metric system doesn’t apply anyway.

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