Kansas City!

If by jetsetting you mean ‘up at 4 am in a highway-access-road hotel in a Kansas City suburb where the closest restaurant (still not reachable on foot) is a Hooters‘ then, yes, I am jetsetting.

Here’s the good news: my work team is arriving today, and I have a full-sized refrigerator in my hotel room (if you’re wondering, I AM plotting to put the fridge in my suitcase and bring it home to Hamburg with me.) Sometimes the work team is made up of pescatarians and people who share my mild aversion to eating heavy pasta before long evenings of work. This work team, instead, leans heavily on the steak-eating side, so I think that we will be able to take advantage of Kansas City’s reputation as a steak and barbecue town. The nice thing about waking up at 3:59 in the morning is that I can chat with the German as he has lunch in Hamburg, and that I have time to do some restaurant research before the sun comes up. So, the barbecue search is on! I’ll report back.

I have a theory. Listen to this, and then I’ll tell you if, by planting that song in your head, it has interrupted the continuous loop it’s been on for four days in mine. Thanks for playing!

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