Girlie Mags and Photo Tags

Let’s play:
Where’s the Betster?

The decor is modern but comfortable, with velvet armchairs, dark wood end tables, and a tray of glasses next to bottles of sparkling water.

The people here call me Frau Rosenbaum, which makes me laugh every time. They do not laugh in return.

In the waiting room, there is a selection of magazines. Most of them have Heidi Klum on the cover; one notably does not. It’s a Playboy magazine.

Ok, did you guess? It’s the kind of doctor’s office that features softcore porn! That’s right!

Now I’m off to find the person who left the girlie mag in the waiting room, because either they’re bent on redefining our notions of comfort with public sexuality or they think they’re hilarious or both and either way I think we’re going to get along fine.

The German: Posing or Perusing?

The German: Posing or Perusing?

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