Welcome to Lamb Week at chez Rosenfert. It’s not, really, I only made two lamb dishes, but it sounds a whole lot sexier than Muesli Week, doesn’t it? Especially when every week is Muesli Week (if you know what I mean, heh heh.*)

*That’s me still trying to make Muesli Week sound sexy. Did it work? No? Hmmm…what if Muesli Week has coconut in it (if you know what I… oh, forget it.)

One lamb dish was unremarkable, but the other was remarkable! Remarks include:
The German: This lamb is delicious! It’s the most tasty meal I have ever had.
Me: It does taste pretty good. I think that the rice is undercooked, though, because there are crunchy bits.
German: I like those bits. It’s nice to have crunch.
Me: Your complimentometer is broken. Yesterday’s watery lentil soup was also the most tasty meal you’ve ever had. The walls of the castle of your credibility are crumbling.
German: …eating…
Me: Oh, I forgot there were dried figs in here. That’s what the crunchy bits are – fig seeds!
German: …eating…
Me: It’s OK for you to like this now that I’ve figured out that the rice is properly cooked.
German: Thank you.

Oh, he’s hilarious with his dry thank yous. The lamb was probably the best thing I’ve made since I got to Hamburg, so here’s the recipe. It is a stew with tomato, lemon and dried fig. Delicious! No, really! It’s good! Really! Damn it, now I can’t figure out how to tell you it really is worth a try. How about this: you will like it more than you like your second-favorite chicken recipe, and less than you like ice cream. More than you like the best apple juice you’ve ever had, but less than you like a hot water bottle in bed when it’s really cold out. It’s way better than Chelsea Clinton, but it’s no Michelle Obama (now there’s the kind of spokesperson we need for Muesli Week!)

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