Innuendo, or No Entiendo?

The German is tall, graceful, and smells good. He is intelligent, culturally sensitive, and easy to like. He is emotionally supportive and he makes me laugh. He’s wonderful but, let’s face it, he is no Mark Elia.
Today’s game:
Innuendo or No Entiendo – Does Mark Elia Make You Blush?
how to play: watch any of the following videos, and see if you can keep yourself from watching the rest.

The one that got me started: Boning a Chicken. My god, he’s good. I was prepared to be unimpressed, having just carved a roasted duck in pretty much no time flat thanks to a sharp new knife and equally sharp hunger pangs, but then I saw him take the wing off a chicken in one stroke. Mastery. Who knew that you could get a leg off a bird without resorting to poultry shears and a note-to-self about bleaching the undersides of the overhead cabinets?

This one is on butterflying chicken breasts. It’s notable because at 2:26 he gets kind of sentimental about his mallet.

Warning: the intro to this one says that Mark ‘is now going to show you the Frenching procedure.’

And just to test the possibility that it’s the knife skills rather than the man, here’s Corky showing you how to filet a flounder. Interesting, yes, but it makes me glad that I’m not in the same room.

More Mark: kind of boring one on cutting steaks, but wowza that is one sharp knife.

Ok, this game has to come to a close because I can’t type anything related to a ‘piece of meat’ anymore without laughing.

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