Hey, Ted!

Ted, did you know that you have a new favorite city? It’s Tulsa! Because Tulsa has a restaurant called Elote. And Elote has everything that is good in this world: fresh fish tacos, enchiladas that are light but delicious, sweet potatoes in addition to rice and beans for the sides, all the Mexican beers you can handle, and a wicked Bloody Maria with house-infused spicy tequila. The food’s good, it’s largely organic and locally sourced, the servers are friendly and quick, and it’s cheap.
But wait, Ted, you’re thinking that I forgot that other things are more important than good Mexican food and spicy brunch drinks. What’s more important than that, you ask? Two things: your health, and luchadores.
That’s why you need to start loving Tulsa, and more specifically the restaurant named after the kind of roasted corn on the cob that is always served with mayo. Because Elote restaurant not only has luchadores, the luchadores are the kind of luchadores that sponsor a 5k to benefit the YMCA. Nice, well-meaning luchadores.
But wait, you’re thinking that maybe it’s not worth a trip to Eastern Oklahoma just for a freaking enchilada after a quick run, right? Well, Ted, what if the 5k was the kind of 5k where the idea was to catch the luchadores, and they only had a five-minute headstart?
Would that be the best enchilada/spicy tequila/I-caught-my-very-own-luchador day ever?
Yeah, I thought so.

Until the next trip to Tulsa, let’s spend a little time with Strong Bad of homestarrunner.com fame:

Run, Strong Bad, Run!

Run, Strong Bad, Run!

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the HomeStarRunner intro, please please do.

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