Meat Maps

You know how people say that the point is not the destination but the journey? The German and I have been searching for a good butcher, and today we found it. Let us compare:
• Line of patrons out the front door,
• Smells freaking awesome – a combination of cold clean bone smell and warm smoky sausage smell,
• They raise their own meat,
• The meat is so beautiful it makes you want to cry.
• Found not one, not two, but three small butcher shops that specialize in wild game (wildfleisch), one of them with really beautifully aged guinea hens and rabbit,
• Found one huge meat warehouse that had endless lines of freezers containing everything from beef to antelope to kangaroo to 10-kilo bags of mixed ‘wildfleisch’ with no further elucidation of what animals went into the bag,
• Came upon this website, which has easily the awesomest graphic ever used to describe where in a given country your retail meat or fish shops are located.
While the journey gave us some laughs, let me cook my first rabbit, and brought me around to the wonders of guinea hen that looks kind of dry and rotten but is actually just really really tender, the destination is enough to make me turn to my newly minted resident visa and thank it for letting me live here.

Dear vegetarians, I love you, and you are welcome to visit anytime.

Dear carnivores, COME VISIT. NOW.

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