A Nerd Sandwich on Engineer Bread

A friend and co-worker of the German’s came to town for a visit on Sunday, and while the three of us were walking in the park we had a fascinating (to us) conversation about the similarities and differences between quality assurance, failure modeling/testing, and disaster recovery planning. So we were chatting happily away, and then the boys went off for a two-day engineering meeting in Bremerhaven, and I realized the following:
-I don’t know if we have a fire extinguisher in the flat, and we live on the fifth floor with only one escape route.
-I don’t know if the lady who lives across the hall has a fire extinguisher, either, but she totally should because she smokes.
-I have never met the lady across the hall, so I probably shouldn’t count on her as my translator/ride/nurse in the event of emergency. Especially when I’m so judgey about the smoking.
-I don’t think we have a first aid kit, or a list of emergency numbers, or a tourniquet, or an epi-pen, or copies of important documents, or even any aspirin.
-If there was an emergency, all I would really be good for is the making-tea part that comes much, much later than the call-for-help, apply-pressure, stop-drop-roll part.

I should probably at least check to see if dialing 911 works here…

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