Britta and George

Dear Britta,
Thank you for the recommendation of Fool’s Garden, the little local bar/theatre/club that features live jazz every Sunday and a delicious serve-yourself schmalzbrod with good dark bread and delicious crispy onions in the schmalz.
Also on offer: hard-boiled eggs with a big old red lipstick kiss on each and every one. I’m typically not too fussy about hygeine; these made me realize that when other people’s mouths have been on my food, I like the evidence to be a little more subtle.
Dear George,
Your presence is requested in Hamburg to accompany me to Fool’s Garden on a Thursday evening in the not-too-distant future. Why, you ask? So many reasons: because when you google-translate the page, it says ‘Jazz in the Garden, Fools!’ [punctuation and Mr. T-style inflection added], but mainly because every second Thursday is open mike nite… for magicians!!!!! That’s right: Magic Open Stage. This could be better than Christmas.

If you haven’t seen the excellent short film ‘Instead of Abracadabra’, it’s charming and hilarious. It’s located (in three parts) here. Chimay!

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