New Squared?

When you are somewhere that you are unfamiliar with, it’s hard to tell the difference between things that are impressive to you but normal to the natives and things that would stand out as odd/different to anyone.

I was ecxited to take Tobias to a Moab restaurant that served elk, one of my favorite meat treats but a bit hard to find. He was more impressed with the size of his 14 oz steak. Good thing we didn’t have steak while we were in Texas – his mind would have melted.

His comment on the beautiful patchwork quilt in our room at the B and B: “It is made of pieces of cloth sewn together. These are called scraps?” Hmmm…kind of. Steak – 1. Quilt – 0.

The stars on a moonless night in Utah, though, inspire a comment that is universal: “Aahh…wow.”

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