And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a ?

Today’s game is called WHAT NEXT?
Remember those intelligence tests at school where you looked at three figures and had to guess what the fourth one was? Or the ones where you had a string of integers that formed a series, and you had to figure out what the next integers were based on the existing pattern? Please imagine the fourth activity in the following series. For today’s game, you will be a tall German man who is being inundated with his girlfriend’s family while on holiday in the SouthWestern U.S. The first three activities are:
Lifetime first yoga class: Saturday morning, a surprisingly long 90 minutes full of breathing down to your core, challenging floor excercises, and an instructor telling you to ‘put on your dancing shoes’ even though she knows full well you’re barefoot and lying down. If only she knew, that very evening, you would be having a …
Lifetime first hula lesson: Saturday evening, another surprise, this time in the form of a troupe of excellent and committed hula dancing friends of my aunt’s at her 70th birthday. They did amazing dances for hours, and then succumbed to our requests to join in.
Lifetime first American Football game: Sunday, the Broncos lost to the Raiders, which wasn’t a surprise, but the finesse with which they turned over the ball was! The score was 59-14, but our seats were spectacular and apparently the concept of cheerleaders was… new.
What Next? Pray tell, what is the fourth activity in this series? The only constants that I can think of are that none of these activities involved bullfighting or peanut butter. Oh, and that watching Tobias take part in them cracked my shit up. 🙂 We have another two weeks in the SouthWest, and time to kill. Let me know what the magical fourth activity is!

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