I have eaten somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 meals on the road this year, in many different cities. Some meals were very good, and some meals made me wish I was allergic to everything in the world including lettuce so that I could live in a bubble and get fed from an IV rather than having to eat them again (I’m looking at YOU, Chicago airport TGIFriday’s “taco salad”.) Finally, last night, I had a meal that was so good that I feel I should shout it from rooftops:
If you go to Atlanta, eat at Social
I had the cucumber/mint/cranberry salad, an excellent glass of cotes du rhone, and the rabbit tagine with gingered rice. This tagine blew my mind – it was rich and salty and light and perfect. It had fresh green peas and carrots that were completely infused with the sauce. I literally thought about missing my flight the next day so that I could go back to the restaurant, try other meals, have the rabbit tagine again, marry the (very cute) cook/owner, have his babies, raise them to love nothing more than feeding their mother, and then retire fat and happy into the wilds of Georgia. I feel as though anything that makes me want to retreat into the woods to eat rabbit has some pretty strong mojo. Please go there if you’re ever remotely close.

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