This is going to sound like bragging because it is bragging. It’s also an elaborate apology/excuse for using a ton of disposable partyware.

Max had a heart episode again on Wednesday, but we still managed to:

  • throw Frida an epic birthday party on Friday afternoon, complete with both salmon-and-cress and hot dog canapĂ©, chocolate fondue, and German children who eat a few mouthfuls of each and then walk away from the table sated, leaving me with 30 crustless sandwiches and about a kilo of chocolate ganache,
  • send Tobias on a long-planned ski weekend with his brother. He left on Friday night and came back Sunday, tired and happy.
  • go swimming and bouldering and out for Indian food with the kids over the weekend,
  • finish the leftover salmon sandwiches and make a good dent in the leftover chocolate fondue.

We also consulted with Max’s cardiologist to change his medicine to something that might do a better job of preventing the tachycardia episodes, and we are very happy that doubling the dose of his beta-blocker doesn’t seem to prevent him from having fun climbing walls and kicking around in the swimming pool.

German birthday party: When kids ask for normal water they mean sparkling. I was chastised by three different kids for not having a trash receptacle on the table (what do we do with our strawberry stems?) 12 kids + 12 fondue forks = 0 disasters. Whew. I tried to convince them to dip a pretzel in the chocolate (not pictured) and failed. Your loss, kids!

There’s so much to cringe about in this picture: paper plates and paper cups and single-use everything, plus out-of-season strawberries plus bananas. Really, though, it’s a picture of two kids I love having a wonderful time. Disposable party supplies are crap except that they really remind you to live in the now!

I feel so proud of my family for pulling it together and focusing on the things we CAN do instead of the things we can’t, and when/if I fold some of the week’s laundry I am going to feel absolutely triumphant.

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