Leaving the Jasmine Hedge

We’re gearing up for another move, this time from Italy to Germany, and we’re having to ask ourselves some important questions. How important is it to you to know where to take dead batteries? How much do you value knowing when to get off the bus without looking at a map app on your phone? When thinking about your quality of life, does speaking the same language as your banker rate higher or lower than immediate access to fresh fish? Is the unit of measurement days or hours in your evaluation of ‘fresh fish’? What about if the fish is lightly pickled? Smoked? Salted?

We are adaptable, we humans, and we are at our best when we look for the things to like in our given situation. That said, my quality of life is greatly improved by access to direct sunlight and good eats, and I am tempted to extend our stay in Italy through berry season, into stone fruit season, and oh those Alto Adige apples sure are good, and then it’s time for the autumn crop of artichokes and then come truffles…

It’s not going to happen, though. The movers are coming on June 3oth. Better take advantage of our current condition, then, right? GELATO SEASON STARTS NOW.

Time to leave, really, before we start thinking that the smell of blooming citrus is a standard accompaniment to children’s school field trips.


In case you were wondering how seriously Frida takes her carousel rides, here she is getting ready to practice posting.

Frida Carousel


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