Is This Thing On?

Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

it’s on! Apologies for the lapse. As Max has begun preschool, and is now attending for as many as 60 minutes in a row, I fully expect to begin:

-updating this website daily

-drinking even more coffee at even more preschool-adjacent caf├ęs

-buying tissues, diapers, and milk before we run out.

Oh, yes, my ambitions are ambitious.

Speaking of which, I am no longer working at all. My erstwhile employer took a good look at the HR-related legal fees that my move to Italy necessitates, divided that by the number of hours I’d committed to working, and realized that they could hire an entire full-time circus for the cost of my 5-hr-a-week dog and pony show. I am sad about it but am surprised (and grateful,) that they didn’t do similar math during the half-decade I spent telecommuting from Germany.

If the WHO is looking for 32 minutes a day of reproductive healthcare policy consulting but are having a hard time filling the position because they’re demanding that candidates possess only a psychology BA, you can let them know that I’m available. They can call anytime between 9:03 and 9:54am, otherwise my 3-year old will take a message.



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