After 4 years in Germany (more than 10% of my life,) some German habits were bound to stick. We eat muesli almost literally every day (to be clear, we completely literally eat the muesli. It is the everyday part that is only almost literal. In case you thought that every day we’re like, ‘OMG, we like totally almost literally ate that muesli! Can you imagine? OMG.’

This post will be short because I have to go and because you don’t really need more of the above word nerding, but I did want to let you know that I have not yet transitioned the children to the classic Italian breakfast of a cappuccino and a sweet roll despite the fact that Frida is desperate for espresso. We’ve come as far as automatically pushing our cups over to her to let her smell them before we have a sip, and she’ll lick the demitasse spoon in a heartbeat if you let her.

It probably goes without saying that my 25-year-old self is furiously embarrassed  at how many Kindercinos* I’ve ordered with a straight face. So uncool, Betsy, so uncool. See also: I just hired a housekeeper because “it’s a good way for me to learn Italian.” I almost literally want to literally slap myself**.


*aka. a Babycino: steamed milk with milk foam and sometimes a sprinkle of cocoa. I learned today that in New Zealand these are called ‘Fluffys’.

**about the slapping, it’s kind of to make sure this whole handsome-husband-big-house-fast-car-two-kids-and-a-nanny life isn’t a wonderful dream, and kind of because who is this suburban housewife sellout and where’s my funny, angry, principled, anti-capitalist Betsy?

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