Remember how we were going to move to rural Colorado in early 2015, and how we were going to spend the intervening 12 months taking Max to thrice-weekly doctor’s appointments, running the household, parenting an energetic 2-year-old, doing baby feedings every two hours through the night, and holding down 2 jobs? Yeah, we’re not going to do that. Let’s play…

All That and a Pediatric Cardiologist, Too?

how to play: read through the list below, answering each question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Give yourself a point for each ‘yes’ answer.

  • Imagine that you sleep roughly six hours per night, in three two-hour intervals. Would you like, instead, to have eight straight hours of sleep per night?
  • Imagine that your bedmate and husband has been accruing a sleep deficit such that he is routinely falling asleep with the lights on/with his glasses on/with a toddler crawling all over him. Would you like to help him get a little more sleep?
  • Rather than managing his case yourself across multiple providers and payers, would you like to have a well-coordinated team of experts care for your high-needs baby? Are you okay with not paying a copay for office visits? Do you like having several options for therapy depending on age, need, and social readiness? Does in-home care appeal to you? Does it feel good to know that your state-sponsored health insurance will send someone to help with household chores if you let them know that would be useful?
  • When buying very good French/Italian/German wine, would you like to pay €6/bottle or less?
  • Do you like it when your excellent pediatrician’s practice is 300 meters from your front door? Do you like walking by 7 cafes, 2 music clubs, an ice cream shop, a decent little Italian grocer, and a leftist community center on the way there?
  • Can you convince yourself, when you quit the job you’ve loved wholeheartedly for the last 14 years, that you’re just ‘taking a break’?

When I took this little quiz, I got about a million points so we’re staying in Hamburg, my last day at Planned Parenthood is May 9th, and we’re very much looking forward to having the parent who does the night feedings be different from the parent who works the next day.

Oh, and the wonderful au pair who’s been making our hectic scheduled possible for lo these last few months? Yeah, we’re keeping her. Let the napping begin!

I made this when I was busy. Imagine the playdough I'll be able to make with all my new extra time!













The plan is that we’ll spend a month or so three times per year in Colorado, which will make for a lot of flying but which will hopefully give us the best of both worlds. Last weekend, we went to the Italian Alps so that Tobias could prove that Europe has snow and snow sports, too. Here he is sledding with Frida; I took this picture from our deck because you just don’t go sledding two days after you get off crutches, even if your knee brace is feeling pretty sturdy and your new ACL is barely hurting at all.

In closing, I will encourage you to please please come visit. We have excellent cheese! Charming cobblestone streets! Pediatric cardiologists specializing in exactly Max’s condition! And, last but not least, as of May 9th we’ll also have TIME!






























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